• Code Quick Master Code In 30 Days, Code quick the fastest way to master code.
  • CW by UT1YV "Freeware, Macroses, LOG listing, 20-2000 m/min,""TYPE"" and ""WRITE"" modes,12 records(F1-F12), ""AUTO"" mode - like beacon for example, Spectrum Analyzer, DTR or RTS control by COMport"
  • CwGet and CwType Program to receive morse code via sound card, Windows 95/98/NT. UA9OSV CwType - Terminal program to transmit morse code (Windows 95/98). It allows to send CW both from the keyboard and from the paddle connected to the joystick interface or any other hardware port.
  • CWT CWT, an outstanding morse code learning program.
  • CI-V Test Program which allows to enter commands directly (in hex) and send them to the rig.
  • Cluster Blaster Multi channel, continental code receiver for Sound Blaster cards.
  • CW Player Simple freeware program generates Morse characters and Q codes. It needs a sound card and Win95.
  • CyberCWContest Contest simulation: Call stations or call CQ. Program is excellent for CW contest practice or enter ongoing operating contests.
  • GGTE Software for Amateur Radio
  • Int. Morse Code program information This program is designed to help the beginner learn to receive and send the International Morse Code.
  • Intercom Intercom is a decoding program for Morse, RTTY, ASCII and TOR-FEC.
  • Java Morse Code Translator Text to morse and vice-versa java translator.
  • MorseCat A free Windows Morse trainer for beginners and experts by DK5CI.
  • Morse Academy Online documentation and overview about Morse Academy, shareware cw learning software.
  • Morse Code Morse Code Training, Practice and Exam Program by Stormy Weather SoftWare Ltd.
  • Morse Code Practice Java Applet CW ear trainer for Java-enabled browsers. Sends custom text, random groups of letters/digits/punctuation, or any random characters. 5-18 WPM code speed (18 WPM character speed).
  • Morse Code teaching machine Source code for morse training program and a ready-to-use compiled application morse.exe.
  • Morse Mania A morse code tutor for the Macintosh
  • Morse Partner "You tap on computer keyboard in Morse; what you tapped appears as letters on screen."
  • Morse Quiz Freeware by AE4RV. MorseQuiz is a Morse Code Speed Trainer for DOS/WINDOWS that can help you improve your code copying ability.
  • Morse Tutor Morse Tutor is a DOS based program written in C++. It can be used to practice morse code. Various options are available. Morse tutor with Complete Source Code and Binary is available for Download (23KB).
  • Morse Tutor Gold Morse Tutor Gold by GGTE Quality Software for Amateur Radio
  • Morse99 Morse code tutor especially designed for pilots, run on windows and support sound cards, by Maple Leaf
  • MorseDec Macintosh application that decodes morse code into text, PPC and 68K
  • Mosh Morse code freeware by SM6KFY, english and swedish version available
  • MRX Software Morse code training by MRX software
  • NuMorse NuMorse is a feature packed array of training aids that will hone your code receiving skills in the least possible time
  • CW PileUp Trainer is a CW pileup trainer . It is a free software. It requires DOS and SoundBlaster compatible sound source.
  • Super Morse "Super Morse is the original comprehensive Morse Code training program for the PC. Super Morse permits the user to learn the Morse characters in a very orderly way using several different methods, including one unique to Super Morse; build speed with special exercises; by WD5CID"

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