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WEEKEND EDITION: How about old Jose Conseco shooting his middle finger off while cleaning his gun! Must hae been the steroids....Old Sunspot Returns:Space Weather reports late last month, the biggest sunspot in nearly 25 years crossed the face of the sun, blasting Earth's upper atmosphere with dozens of solar flares. Its name was AR2192, and now it's back
The old sunspot is emerging over the sun's southeastern limb following two weeks on the farside of the sun. See the website for a movie from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory.
In late October, AR2192 unleashed 6 X-class solar flares and many more M-class flares. Strong HF radio blackouts were a daily occurance, and millions of people glimpsed the sunspot during a partial solar eclipse.
For the past two weeks, the behemoth sunspot has been transiting the farside of the sun. During that time it probably decayed. Even if it retains only a fraction of its former vigor, however, it could still bring a significant uptick in solar activity when it fully emerges in the days ahead.  Space Weather  http://spaceweather.com/

FCC REVOKES LICENSE OF CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER The FCC has reversed an earlier decision made by one of its Administrative Law judges and revoked the Amateur Service license of a Seattle Washington resident who had been convicted of at least one felony sex offense involving a minor. Amateur Radio Newsline's Don Wilbanks, AE5DW, has the details: -- According to the FCC, back in 2007 its Enforcement Bureau received information that David Titus, KB7ILD, had been convicted as an adult of the Class 3 sex related felony and served 25 months in prison. The bureau issued an Order to Show Cause why his license should not be revoked when the agency learned Titus may have been convicted of earlier felonies for sex related crimes while a juvinile. In his initial decision made in 2010, Administrative Law Judge Richard Sippel concluded the bureau had not met the burden of proof to determine that Titus lacked the qualifications to be a commission licensee. Though he found Titus had committed at least four sexual offenses against children, he stated that only the adult conviction should be considered because the other offenses took place when Titus was himself a minor. He also noted that this had been more than a decade before the then ongoing FCC show-cause proceeding. The adult offense occurred when Titus was 18. Judge Sippel found what he apparently believed to be credible evidence Titus had been rehabilitated between then and 2007. That was backed up by testimony from a psychologist and several other character witnesses. Also noted at the time was that Titus had expressed his personal remorse. The Enforcement Bureau appealed Judge Sippel's decision to the full commission. The bureau argued judge Sippel failed to take into account the number and the egregious nature of the Titus offenses and that the passage of time should not have mattered in adjudicating this case. The bureau also asserted that the judge ignored the danger to children when a sex offender has access to amateur radio. In rendering its November 5th decision, the commission agreed with the Enforcement Bureau and found that Judge Sippel should have considered Titus' juvenile convictions. Also that that Judge Sippel should have given more weight to the Washington State Police advisory that Titus remained a high-risk sex offender. The Commission then found Titus unqualified to hold an amateur license and ordered that it be revoked. For the Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Don Wilbanks, AE5DW, in New Orleans. -- In rendering its decision the Commission stated that it would be remiss in its responsibilities as a licensing authority if it continues to authorize David Titus to hold an amateur radio license that could be used to put him in contact with children. At this point it would appear as if Titus only option to try to regain his amateur service license would be to take any further appeals into the Federal Court system. The complete 10 page decision can be rad on-line at tinyurl.com/titus-license-revoked. (FCC, RW, other published reports) **

RADIO LAW: ARRL ASKS FCC TO KEEP ISSUING PAPER LICENSES FOR RADIO AMATEURS The ARRL is giving partial thumbs down to virtual licenses for radio amateurs. This in comments filed November 5th, where the League has recommended the FCC continue to provide paper license documents to amateur radio licensees who want them. According to the ARRL Letter, the League's comments were in response to an FCC Public Notice in WT Docket 14-161. Among other issues it proposes the regulatory agency wants to cease the routine issuance of hard-copy license documents to all Wireless Service licensees but will permit the agency to continue the issuance of paper documents during the transition period to specific classes of licensees that specifically request them. Under the FCC proposal once a license application is granted, the Universal Licensing System will generate an official electronic license but will no longer mail a paper copy license unless notified that the licensee wishes to receive such a document. Until new procedures are finalized, however, the Commission will continue to print and mail paper licenses, unless notified to stop. The FCC claims that the proposed elimination of most paper documents is an action being taken under the Report on FCC Reform issued earlier this year. It says that to the extent permitted by Federal records retention requirements that licensing bureaus should eliminate paper copies of licenses. You can read the entire twelve pages detailing proposed changes on the FCC website at tinyurl.com/no-more-paper- license. The ARRL's comments are at tinyurl.com/arrl-paper- license-response. (ARRL)

4M LUNAR FLY-BY PACKAGE FALLS SILENT The Lux Space 4 M moon circling ham radio mission carrying an amateur radio JT65B payload has fallen silent. This after transmitting continiously for 438 hours which was well past the predicted 100 hour limit. The Southgate News reports that during the afternoon of November 10th the battery voltage dropped from 13.1V to 12.1V and continued falling. The last signal was received by Rein Smit, W6SZ, in Alta Loma, California at 01:35 UTC on November 11th when the battery voltage had fallen to 8.4 volts. 4 M stands for the Manfred Memorial Moon Mission. Carried to the Moon on a Chinese Long March booster, it successfully completed its loop around the moon on October 28th. It then returned to Earth and went into a high elliptical orbit around our home planet where it remains today. (Southgate)

FCC EYES NEW RULES TO PROTECT CONSUMERS AS VOICE NETWORKS TRANSITION TO IP The Federal Communications Commission will likely consider new rules to ensure consumer choice and safety as the nation shifts from copper-based networks to Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP transmission. This, when it meets on November 21st. In making the announcement agency officials said that Chairman Thomas Wheeler will offer a set of proposals during the meeting designed to protect voice customers. This will likely include network-sharing rules and possibly requiring power backup systems on VoIP networks. Traditional copper wire based telephone networks supply power to connected telephones, but phones connected to fiber based networks require their own power source. During natural disasters and other emergencies utility supplied power can be disabled. The FCC believes it to be important for VoIP customers to be able to make phone calls, FCC officials said. (Published reports) **

ENFORCEMENT: FCC OPENS INQUIRY INTO FALSE EAS ALERT A follow-up to our story two weeks regarding the October 24th false emergency alert that hit AT&T U-verse customers in parts of Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Michigan and Mississippi. Late word is that the FCC's Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau has opened a full scale inquiry as to how it happened and to prevent it from happening again. Soon after the incident FEMA spokesperson Rafael Lemaitre stated that there had been an inappropriate playing of the national emergency alert notification tones on a syndicated radio broadcast. It was later revealed the unauthorized activation originated during a broadcast of the Bobby Bones Show out of Nashville. Tennessee. While stations that aired the alert may yet face Enforcement Bureau action or fines, the real concern is that the incident revealed potential flaws in how Emergency Alert System is set up. So the just-launched inquiry will focus on ways to improve the system to prevent a similar problem in the future. Among the issues being looked at are how stations authenticate an alert message and what sort of actions local police agencies take when faced with a flood of public confusion after an authorized alert is sent. At the same time, the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau is urging stations to immediately check their equipment to make sure the fake alert isn't still armed and ready to broadcast. This is a possibility that equipment manufacturers have told the FCC is possible. (Inside Radio)

ISS EXPEDIITION 41 COMES HOME After nearly six months on the International Space Station, three crew members of Expedition 41 are are back on solid ground. Flight Engineers Alexander Gerst, KF5ONO, of Germany, Reid Wiseman, KF5LKT, of the United States and Commander Max Suraev landed safely in Kazakhstan on Sunday night November 9th after a three and a half hour descent from the orbiting outpost in a Soyuz vehicle. While on-orbit, Gerst signing OR4ISS made contact with several Earth bound stations including one with the Explorers Club on October 25th. During that exchange he got to speak to Apollo 16 Astronaut Charlie Duke who asked Gerst what was the most interesting in flight experiment he was working on. Gerst had a hard time in declaring any one in particular. Their replacements, who will launch to the ISS on November 24th are Expedition 42 crew members Terry Virts, Anton Shkaplerov and Samantha Cristoforetti, IZ0UDF. Russian cosmonauts Elena Serova, Alexander Samoukutyaev and U-S astronaut Barry Wilmore are already on the ISS and have already activated the Expedition 42 operations. As an aside, only a few weeks ago the International Space Station marked the 14th anniversary of the arrival of its first crew. The station has been manned continuously since November 2, 2000. (various news sources)

In DX, DC0KK will active as 4S7KKG from Sri Lanka through April 10th, 2015. He operates mainly using CW and the digital modes. QSL via his home preferably via the bureau. Direct cards go to the information listed on QRZ.com. EA7FTR is active as D44KS from Cape Verde through December 5th. Operations are limited to his spare time due to work commitments but you can listen out for hin on 40 through 6 meters using SSB and RTTY. QSL via EB7DX. OZ1DJJ will be operational as OX3LX from Disko Island between November 26th and December 2nd. Activity will be on the High Frequency bands. QSL via OZ1PIF direct. PA0VDV will be on the air from stroke PJ2 from Curacao between November 20th and December 26th. Activity will be on 80 through 10 meters using only CW only. QSL to his home callsign direct or via the bureau. VE6LB will be active as stroke A6 from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates between December 2nd and the 25th. This will be a holiday style operation on 40 through 10 meters but with a focus on the 12 and 10 meter bands. Paper QSL requests go direct via his home callsign. Electronic QSL's can use either Logbook of the World or eQSL Lastly, DF3FS and DL9OLI will be operating stroke 5Z4 from Diani Beach, Kenya, between February 16th and March 8th of 2015. Activity will be holiday style on 80 through 10 meters using CW and SSB. QSL via their home callsigns, either direct or the via the bureau. **

THAT FINAL ITEM: MEASURING POLORIZATION OF COSMIC BACKGROUND RADIATION And finally the POLARBEAR Consortium headed by researchers at University of California at Berkeley has reported a major breakthrough in measurement of polarization of cosmic microwave background radiation. This by capturing some of the oldest light in the universe and using newly developed instrumentation to assess it. Amateur Radio Newsline's Jim Davis, W2JKD, reports: -- POLARBEAR measures remnant radiation from the Big Bang, which has cooled and stretched with the expansion of the universe to microwave lengths. This cosmic microwave background or CMB acts as an enormous backlight illuminating the large-scale structure of the universe and carrying an imprint of cosmic history. To capture this energy the research team says that it developed sensitive instruments called as bolometers to analyze this early light. The bolometers record the direction of light's electric field from multiple points. The team says that it has mapped these angles with resolution on a scale of about 3 arc-minutes which equates to one-tenth of the diameter of the full Moon. The POLARBEAR consortium's Cosmic Microwave Background polarization experiment being conducted by more than 70 researchers from numerous universities. The team's overall mission is to gain an in-depth knowledge of the universe and its origin since the cosmic microwave background carries an imprint of the cosmic history. The research team has provided more information in the paper published in the Astrophysical Journal. More is on-line at tinyurl.com/space-of-the-past

Radio station WWI - Henry Ford's short venture into radio.

One day in 1922, Henry Ford decided he wanted to be in the radio business. He walked into one of his executive's offices and said "I want you make me one of these wireless outfits". With the help of a Ford employee who had been in the Navy wireless corps, they built 250-watt station WWI in Dearborn, Michigan. The on-air talent was recruited from the Ford factory workers, and featured bird calling imitations, the Ford Hawaiians band, and The Ford Motor Company Band, among others.

In October of 1922, Ford talked about building 400 stations around the country. But he quickly became disillusioned with radio as more competing stations went on the air, and with the need to comply with government regulations and constant equipment upgrades. WWI left the air in 1926.

It's interesting to note that many station call letters were issued alphabetically by region at that time, and that the call sign WWI was issued right before the Detroit News was assigned WWJ.

WEEKDAY EDITION: I see some of our youth are eating laundry  detergent pods, little packages of soap thinking they are candy. Just how fucken stupid have our children gotten? As a child, not once did I feel the need to walk or crawl into the laundry room and somehow get up to the height of the shelves and chow down on a little snack of laundry detergent. Somehow I survived with my jackknife, bow and arrow, and bb gun all the way thru junior and high school without cutting my nads off or shooting anyone in the neighborhood. ......The Prez was seen chewing gum during his China Summit in that ridicules outfit. Nice touch Prez........

 Happy 239th Birthday Marines........Honor a Vet tomorrow.....Netherlands Is The 1st Country To Open A Solar Road For Public Use, great idea but in won't happen in the good old USA with politicians and big oil running everything...Has your doctor labeled you a SHPOS?..................A 3-Star General Explains 'Why We Lost' In Iraq, Afghanistan......

Rosetta comet landing coverage

NASA Television and the agency’s website will provide live coverage from 9-11:30 a.m. EST (6-8:30 a.m. PST) of the European Space Agency (ESA) Rosetta mission’s scheduled landing of a probe on a comet on Wednesday, Nov. 12.

NASA's live commentary will include excerpts of the ESA coverage and air from 9-10 a.m. NASA will continue carrying ESA's commentary from 10-11:30 a.m. ESA’s Philae (fee-LAY) lander is scheduled to touch down on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko at 10:35 a.m. A signal confirming landing is expected at approximately 11:02 a.m.

After landing, Philae will obtain the first images ever taken from a comet's surface. It also will drill into the surface to study the composition and witness close up how a comet changes as its exposure to the sun varies. Philae can remain active on the surface for approximately two-and-a-half days. Its “mothership” is the Rosetta spacecraft that will remain in orbit around the comet through 2015. The orbiter will continue detailed studies of the comet as it approaches the sun and then moves away. NASA has three of the 16 instruments aboard the orbiter.

Comets are considered primitive building blocks of the solar system that are literally frozen in time. They may have played a part in "seeding" Earth with water and, possibly, the basic ingredients for life.

NASA TV streaming video, downlink and updated scheduling information is at: http://www.nasa.gov/nasatv


WEEKEND EDITION: A fire has destroyed the manufacturing facility of Hardened Power Systems, a research, design and fabrication facility in middle Tennessee. Popular among radio amateurs for their portable power hardware the DHAP, and other unique equipment. Current orders destroyed, but owner Bill Harrison says they will be back.....I just ordered a 3600ma battery for my Baofeng handheld for 15 bucks shipped, makes you realize how much markup Kenwood, Icom, and Yaesu enjoy on accessories. I have owned the little Baofeng 2/440 walkie for about a year and it has been flawless. I also own the Yaesu FT60 which is a nice walkie but I would not buy another one from the big three in the future. I realize the quality of the radio case and circuitry is not the same but for 30 bucks a radio, it become a throwaway item if it craps the bed and I buy another one. If my life depended on my radio I might consider buying higher quality but hell this is "Amateur" Radio"....I am going to give APRS a shot and am looking for a APRS ready 2/440 radio, which means I have to get up to HRO in Salem and scout things out. I want to be able to track myself! ....

American Legion Amateur Radio Club Plans On-Air Tribute to Veterans
Amateur Radio operators who are members of the American Legion will honor the military services and their fellow veterans in a special on-the-air tribute on Veterans Day, Tuesday, November 11. Members of The American Legion Amateur Radio Club (TALARC) will be on the air as W9L from 1400 until 2100 UTC, from American Legion national headquarters in Indianapolis. Radio amateurs who contact the station or shortwave listeners who monitor it are eligible to receive an attractive full-color commemorative certificate.  ARRL

ARRL Asks FCC to Continue Issuing Hard Copy Licenses to Those Who Want Them

In comments filed November 5, the ARRL has recommended that the FCC continue to provide paper license documents to Amateur Radio licensees who want them. The League’s remarks were in response to an FCC Public Notice (in WT Docket 14-161) that proposed to cease the routine issuance of hard-copy license documents to all Wireless Service licensees, including radio amateurs. While having a paper license document from the FCC to post on the wall of the ham shack has been a tradition, the Commission for several years has considered the “official” Amateur Radio license to be the virtual document residing in its Universal Licensing System (ULS) database.  ARRL

New podcast - YHAMRADIO
W5MHG has started a Podcast called YHAMRADIO.
This podcast will focus on why Amateur Radio operators have joined this wonderful hobby. How they got involved and their Ham Shacks. You can find the podcast at http://www.w5mhg.com/yhamradiio/

4M MOON FLY-BY MISSION HAS COME TO AN END The epic voyage of the 4M ham radio Lunar fly-by mission has come to an end as we hear from from Amateur Radio Newslines Heather Embee, KB3TZD: -- The Lux Space Manfred Memorial Moon Mission, nicknamed 4M that circled the Moon on October 28th is now in Earth orbit. At least it was as of November 3rd as reported in a post to the Lux Space mission blog. From the information available as we go to air, the 4 M Amateur Radio payload was attached to the upper stage of a Chinese Long March 3C rocket. Its primary payload was the Chang'e 5-T1 which is a prototype of a Mars lander capsule with the ability to safely return to Earth. Both completed the loop around the moon early on October 28th and headed back toward our home planet. As widely reported the Chang'e 5-T1 made it safely through the Earth's atmosphere without any real heat damage. It touched down at 22:42 UTC on October 31 in Inner Mongolia. But before that, it appears that the 4 M payload was separated from the Long March and injected into an elliptical Earth orbit averaging around 24,800 miles with a inclination of 50 degrees. It reached perigee early Sunday morning November 2nd with good JT65 digital signals heard over Europe on 145.980 MHz. At that time, Lux Space estimated that the 4M payload had enough power left for another 2 to 3 days of operation. Also noted was that the Dosimeter experiment called DRALUX had stopped functioning. Exactly whats next for the 4M payload can only bee speculated. Being self contained with no solar charging ability it wills more than likely go QRT if that has not taken place by now. If you happen to locate its signal, Lux Space would appreciate getting activity reports. They go via the mission client program that can be downloaded at tinyurl.com/4M-online-report For the Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Heather Embee, KB3TZD, in Berwick, Pennsylvania. -- While there is likely a lot more to this story, there is no doubt that the 4 M amateur radio Lunar fly-by will go into the history books as a first for ham radio in space. (Lux Space Blog, published news reports) **

PROPAGATION: NASA RELEASES VIDEO OF SOLAR FLARES FIRING FROM MONSTER SUNSPOT NASA has released a video showing eight days of solar flares produced by the largest sunspot in the past two dozen years. Known as AR 2192, the video is a time lapse that shows its X- class flares in both visible and ultraviolet light using images taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory Atmospheric Imaging Assembly Instrument. As previously reported here on Amateur Radio Newsline, the massive sunspot, which has now rotated away from Earth, produced of the most powerful X- class flares between October 19th and the 27th, plus many more medium-class flares during that same period. The video is on-line several places including YoyuTube at tinyurl.com/sunspot-AR2192. Another version with graphics and a musical background is at tinyurl.com/sunspot-ar2192- video (spacereporter.com) **

 PROPAGATION: NEW SUNSPOT AR2205 ROTATING TOWARD EARTH Meantime, a new sunspot region, designated AR 2205, has already produced four medium M-class flares and is rotating in Earth's direction. AR 2205 unleashed the flares including one rated M6. That flare was recorded by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory on November 3rd at 22:40 UTC. Sunspot AR 2205 has also produced several Coronal Mass Ejections though these did not head toward our planet. Observers at the Space Weather Prediction Center are monitoring it carefully. For the latest updates take your web browser to spaceweather.com. (space.com, spaceweather.com)

BRAZIL TO EXTEND FM BROADCAST BAND DOWNWARD TO 76 MHZ The FM Radio Data System website reports that some countries appear to be planning to extend the FM broadcast band downward. According to a web post, Brazilian telecommunications regulator ANATEL was contacted and it confirmed the planned extension of the FM band down to 76 MHz. It was noted that there will be a problem with the Radio Data System operating in the range 76 to 87.5 MHz however with implementation of RDS2.0 this could likely be solved. The entire story is on-line at tinyurl.com/brazil- band-extension. The same website also notes that China plans to extend broadcast FM radio down to 64 MHz. (Southgate) ** DX UP-FRONT: PANGOR ISLAND NOVEMBER 8 - 9 In DX up-front late word that the 9M2SE Pangor Island operation is likely taking place as some of you hear this newscast. The latest word is that this Island Islands On The Air operation was slated to begin at Zero Hundred hours UTC on November 8th and end precisely 24 hours later on November 9th. The group has also announced that Pangor will be its last DXpedition and Islands on the Air activation. After it concludes the organization will be dissolved. QSL via the 9M2SE information on QRZ.com. (9M2SE Team) **

DX UP FRONT: BOUVET ISLAND - JANUARY to APRIL 2016 ON4WW reports that he has been granted permission by the Norwegian Polar Institute to land and live on Bouvet Island during the mid-January until mid-April of 2016. The sole purpose of this operation will be to provide contacts with Bouvet which is currently ranked number three on the various DXCC Most Wanted Lists. During his time on Bouvet, ON4WW hopes to make at least 100,000 QSO's using CW, SSB and RTTY on all of the High Frequency bands. There is however one caveat: Whether or not this DXpedition will take place depends on raising the necessary funding. More is on the web at www.on4ww.be/bouvet2016.html (OPDX) **

RESCUE RADIO: UK TO USE WW2 TECHNOLOGY TO BACK UP GPS IN THE UK Technology developed during World War Two is to be used as a back-up for GPS. This after the United Kingdom's General Lighthouse Authorities announces that it has installed a system called enhanced or e Loran in seven ports across Britain. Amateur Radio Newsline's Don Wilbanks, AE5DW, reports: -- The United Kingdom's General Lighthouse Authorities says that many critical instruments on ships use Global Navigation Satellite Systems also known by the acronym GPS. It says that if GPS were to fail the consequences could be disastrous. But says the General Lighthouse Authorities, the new system, which uses proven technology dating back to the 1940's is ground rather than satellite-based and is designed to be used in the event of a GPS failure. Testing for eLoran has taken place in Felixstowe which is the busiest container port in the UK. Each year some three million cargo containers are brought into this port on some of the biggest ships in the world. According to Wikipedia, LORAN is an acronym for Long Range Navigation. The system was developed in the United States during World War II and was similar to the UK's GEE system but operated at lower frequencies in order to provide improved range up to 1,500 miles. As an aside, it's a pity this story didn't get released just before June 6th this year, the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings on the northern France coast. The original system was used to assist the mine clearance operations in the English Channel so that the invading fleet could reach the shore with the minimum of casualties. A `Ghost' slave station was also put into operation at the same time to make the Germans think that the real invasion was to be at the Pas de Calais and the Straits of Dover and that the Normandy landings were purely a diversionary tactic. How wrong they were..! For the Amateur Radio Newsline, I'm Don Wilbanks, AE5DW, in New Orleans. -- An in-depth look at the return of this 20th century navigation system here in the 21st century can be found at tinyurl.com/e-loran-return. A full explanation of the development, implementation and demise of the original system is at wikipedia.org/wiki/LORAN (G7VFY, G8AUU, Southgate, BBC, Wikipedia) **

RESCUE RADIO: HAM RADIO ASSISTS IN AT SEA RESCUE When the sailing ship Hale Revenge ran into trouble in the Pacific it turned to ham radio as we hear in this report: -- Larry Lecrone (WW6USA) called to report that he was monitoring one of the ham radio emergency projects known as the Maritme Net which is continually monitored by a series of volunteer radio operators across the country. While monitoring that net on Sunday night he served as back- up when another amateur radio operator on board a sailing vessel adrift in the Pacific was taking on water in nearly 60-foot seas nearly 800 miles west of the California-Oregon border. That vessel wanted to declare an emergency but was having trouble contacting the Coast Guard. The ham that took the call notified the Coast Guard ans served as a relay between them and the distressed vessel. The Coast Guard sent out an HT-130 aircraft from the Point Reyes Coast Guard Air Station in California. The ham Maritime Net operator instructed the sailboat to activate their Emergency Locator Beacon. A container cargo ship; the 965 foot the Hyundai Grace was in the region and responded to that beacon signal and rescued all on board that sailboat which was on its way from Honolulu to Everett, Washington, when it was damaged by high winds and seas. Ken Bass, KALH Spectrum News from Alamagordo, New Mexico, reporting.

LATEST CQ-DATV MAGAZINE IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD The November issue of the CQ-DATV e-magazine is now available for free download. The new issue contains the latest amateur television news from around the world, an editorial, Ian Abel, G3ZHI, that asks why ATV repeaters do not have internet inputs, a simple microwave detector for 10 GHz by John Hudson G3RFL and much more. Those interested can find this issue and those of previous months at tinyurl.com/datv-november-2014. (CQ-DATV) **

NAMES IN THE NEWS: KI4LA RECEIVES KENTUCKY HISTORICAL SOCIETY AWARD Some names in the news. First up is former ARRL Great Lakes Division Director Gary Johnston, KI4LA, who has been named as the recipient of the Kentucky Historical Society's 2014 Award of Distinction. KI4LA is president of the Board of Trustees of the Behringer- Crawford Museum in Covington, Kentucky. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper, since joining the board of trustees in 2003, Johnston has had a significant impact on the museum and the communities it serves. The article also notes that during thousands of volunteer hours, he redesigned and upgraded the museum's computer systems, chaired the committee that revamped its organizational structure, and helped secure more than $2.3 million dollars in funding to complete the museum's major expansion which opened in 2007. (ARRL, Cincinnati Enquirer)

SHORTWAVE'S NEWEST BROADCASTER GLOBAL 24 RADIO NOW ON THE AIR There is a new shortwave radio broadcaster coming your way from here in the United States. Global 24 Radio is an English language, around-the-clock, fixed-frequency, commercial shortwave radio broadcaster, transmitting via the facilities WRMI in Okeechobee, Florida. It began broadcasting on Friday, October 31st at zero hundred hours UTC on 9.395 MHz. More information on the station and a daily programming listing is at global24radio.com (Global24)

In DX, DL6KVA will be active as 4K0CW from Azerbaijan between November 26th and December 2nd. Operations will be CW only on all HF bands using 100 watts into a long wire. He also plans to participate in the CQ World Wide DX CW Contest on November 29th and 30th. QSL via DL6KVA via the bureau or electronically using Logbook of the World. DL7DF will be on holiday in Senegal through November 13th operating slash 6W. Operations are 160 through 10 meters using CW, SBB, RTTY, PSK31 and SSTV. QSL via DL7DF, direct or by the DARC Bureau. RV3MA will be operational from Morocco as CN2MA until December 1st. QSL both callsigns via UA2FM. JA0JHQ will be active stroke FK from New Calidonia between November 21st through the 24th. Operations will be limited to the High Frequency bands using CW and SSB. QSL via his home callsign. Lastly, UT5UGR will be active as FM stroke KL7WA from Martinique between November 24th and December 1st. Activity will likely be on all HF bands except 30, 17 and 12 meters and Digital modes. Also look for him to be active during the CQ World Wide DX CW Contest signing as TO7A QSL both callsigns via UT5UGR. This weeks DX news courtesy of the Ohio-Penn DX Newsletter

No nursing homes for me-- I will be checking in at the Holiday Inn! With the average cost for nursing home care at $188.00 per day, there's a better way to live when we get old and feeble.
I've already checked on reservations at the Holiday Inn. For combined long-term stay and senior discounts, it's just $59.23 per night!
Breakfast is included, and some have happy hours in the afternoon.
That leaves $128.77 a day for lunch and dinner in any restaurant we want, or room service, laundry, gratuities and special TV movies.
Plus, they provide a spa, swimming pool, a workout room, a lounge and washer-dryers, etc.
Most have free toothpaste and razors available for the asking, and all have free shampoo and soap.$5-worth of tips a day and you'll have the entire staff scrambling to help you.
They treat you like a customer, not a patient.
There's a city bus stop out front, and seniors ride free.
The handicapped bus will also pick you up (if you fake a decent limp).To meet other nice people, call a church bus on Sundays.For a change of scenery, take the airport shuttle and eat at one of the nice restaurants there.
While you're at the airport, fly somewhere. Otherwise, the cash keeps building up.
It takes months to get into a decent nursing home. Holiday Inn will take your reservation today.
And you're not stuck in one place forever -- you can move from Inn to Inn, or even from city to city.
Want to see Hawaii? They have Holiday Inns there, too.
TV broken? Light bulbs need changing? Need a mattress replaced?
No problem. They fix everything, and apologize for the inconvenience.The Inn has a night security person and daily room service.
The maid checks to see if you are O.K. If not, they'll call an ambulance... or the undertaker.
If you fall and break a hip, Medicare will pay for the hip,
and Holiday Inn will upgrade you to a suite for the rest of your life.And no worries about visits from family.
They'll always be glad to find you, and probably check in for a few days' mini-vacation.The grand-kids can use the pool.
What more could you ask for?

WEEKDAY EDITION: I am very pleased with the election results..3910 New England has a webpage with streaming audio which is on daily from about 3-7PM.....

QSO Today - EP15 - Bruce Perens K6BP

Bruce Perens, K6BP, is a self-described evangelist for amateur radio.
As the creator of the Open Source Definition used for the free exchange of software code, Bruce has applied this idea to amateur radio towards the development of Codec2 and FreeDV, digital modulation schemes for HF and VHF.

Through his new company, Algoram, Bruce hopes to create the ultimate open source handheld software defined radio.

As an evangelist, Bruce founded No Code International, where he successfully eliminated the Morse code requirement for amateur radio licenses Worldwide.

Show Notes: http://www.qsotoday.com/podcasts/k6bp

Mysterious piece of Russian space junk does maneuvers

What was first thought to be a piece of debris left over from the launch of three Russian military communication satellites has turned out to be a fourth satellite capable of maneuvers: "The three satellites were designated Kosmos-2496, -2497, -2498.

"However, as in the previous launch on December 25, 2013, the fourth unidentified object was detected orbiting the Earth a few kilometers away from 'routine' Rodnik satellites. Moreover, an analysis of orbital elements from a US radar by observers showed that the 'ghost' spacecraft had made a maneuver between May 29 and May 31, 2014, despite being identified as 'debris' (or Object 2014-028E) in the official U.S. catalog at the time.

"On June 24, the mysterious spacecraft started maneuvering again, lowering its perigee (lowest point) by four kilometers and lifting its apogee by 3.5 kilometers. Object E then continued its relentless maneuvers in July and its perigee was lowered sharply, bringing it suspiciously close to the Briz upper stage, which had originally delivered all four payloads into orbit in May."

This is the second time a Russian piece of orbital junk has suddenly started to do maneuvers. The first time, in early 2014, the Russians finally admitted five months after launch that the "junk" was actually a satellite.

In both cases, the Russians have not told anyone what these satellites are designed to do, though based on the second satellite's maneuvers as well as its small size (about a foot in diameter) it is likely they are testing new cubesat capabilities, as most cubesats do not have the ability to do these kinds of orbital maneuvers. Once you have that capability, you can then apply it to cubesats with any kind of purpose, from military anti-satellite technology to commercial applications

Read more at slashdot:

WEEKEND EDITION: CAARA in Gloucester is taking a hike thru the haunted woods starting at 930PM, they can be tracked on APRS.FI, the call is KA1BTK-7....The area is called Dogtown, a long abandoned village in the woods claimed to be spooked by two witches......

Email: Grist for the AWT mill.

The balloon carrying the APRS tracker M0XER-4 is now on its 5th or 6th (we've lost count) circuit of the globe. As of Friday morning, it was over the Gulf of Mexico headed for Florida. Its track can be followed on www.aprs.fi

This is a record for the Guinness Book of Records, a record that probably won't be equaled for some time to come. It might even make it around again. Stay tuned.  
Bob Harris (K9UDX)

TWO 70 CM EXPERIMENTAL SATELLITES LOST IN ANTARES LAUNCH EXPLOSION Two experimental payloads designed to operate in the 70 centimeter amateur satellite band have been lost. This, after an Orbital Sciences Antares 130 launch vehicle on a re- supply mission to the International Space Station was destroyed only a few seconds after it had cleared the launch tower. The October 28th launch from NASA's Wallops Island Virginia facility at first appeared to be going smoothly. But at about 8 seconds after liftoff the Antares booster exploded in a hail of flames and fell back toward its launch pad. While there were no full or half duplex ham radio communications satellites on-board, two of the microsats being carried to the International Space Station for later deployment were designed to operate as data and beacon downlinks in the 70 centimeter amateur satellite band. One was the GOMX-2 which was a developmental concept microsat for aircraft location. It was to transmit data on 437.250 MHz. The other was to be the Radiometer Atmospheric Cubesat Experiment known by the acronym RACE. It was co-developed by a student team at the Texas Spacecraft Laboratory at the University of Texas in Austin in cooperation with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. This was to be a technology microsat designed to transmit GMSK coding at 38.4 kilobytes per second and CW telemetry on a downlink frequency of 437.525 MHz The primary cargo on the Antares was food and other supplies to restock the ISS day to day crew needs along with some restricted payload not identified by NASA or the launch provider. Yet another part of the cargo was material for scientific projects that included a Houston school's experiment on pea growth, a study on blood flow in space. News reports say that NASA officials have already apologized to those students who lost their experiments. In all, nearly 1,600 pounds of science and research materials were lost in the launch mishap.

INDONESIA HAMS MAY BE CALLED ON IF EBOLA HITS THAT NATION Ham radio operators in Indonesia could become part of a response team if the Ebola virus were to hit that nation. This as researchers from a study program of the University of Gadjah Mada School of Engineering introduce guidelines for anticipating and preventing the spread of the deadly disease in that nation. According to a professor of physics engineering at the college, Indonesia lacks both the knowledge and the adequate health equipment needed to detect Ebola early. Using a simulation created for such an event and in cooperation with the Yogyakarta branch of the Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization and the Indonesian Red Cross the three will work together to formulate a standard operating procedure for tackling Ebola infections. This will be submitted to the governor for his consideration. According to the Jakarta Post, it is hoped that the proposal could provide basic guidelines for an Ebola mitigation procedure on the national level. The complete story can be found at tinyurl.com/hams-vs-ebola-part-1 (Jakarta Post)

VIETNAM BY KM0O NOVEMBER 25 TO DECEMBER 24 In DX up front, word that KM0O will be operational as 3W3O from Vietnam between November 25th and December 24th. His main activity will be the CQ World Wide DX CW Contest on November 29th and 30th but expect him to be on 160 and 80 meters before and after the contest. QSL to KM0O direct, via the bureau or electronically using Logbook of the World. (OPDX) **

DX UP FRONT: TENERIFE FROM DECEMBER 9 TO JANUARY 8 Also, IK1PMR and PA3LEO will be on the air signing portable EA8 from Tenerife Island between December 9th of this year and January 8th of 2015. Activity will be on 160 through 6 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via HB9FKK or each operators home callsign direct or via the bureau. Electronic QSL's go via Logbook of the World or direct e- mail. (OPDX) MORE X-CLASS FLARES FROM SUNSPOT AR2192 Space Weather reports that giant sunspot AR2192 we reported on last week erupted again at 21:40 UTC on October 24th producing a powerful X3-class solar flare. A pulse of extreme Ultra Violet radiation from the flare ionized the upper layers of Earth's atmosphere, causing a brief but strong blackout of High Frequency radio communications over the dayside of Earth. This was followed by an X 1class flare on Saturday October 25th at 1709 UTC that had a similar effect. Coronagraphic data from NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory suggest that the explosions did not hurl a significant Coronal Mass Ejection toward our home planet. Also of interest is that so far none of the X-flares from this active region has so far produced a major C-M-E. Sunspot AR2192 is now approaching the Sun's western limb and by the time many of you hear this it will be gone for its two-week transit on our home star's far side. However, the odds of an Earth-directed radiation storm will remain high for a while. This is because the western limb of the sun is well-connected to Earth and solar magnetic fields springing out of that region spiral back to our planet. If a sunspot passing through the area explodes, those magnetic fields can funnel energetic particles in our direction. (Spaceweather, Southgate) **

RADIO LAW: IARU SEEKS TO REIN IN ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERFERENCE The International Amateur Radio Union Administrative Council has called upon all International Telecommunications Union signatory nations to take steps to ensure that the operation of electrical apparatus or installations of any kind does not cause harmful interference to amateur radio operations. The council said new technologies such as wireless power transfer are likely to be deployed widely in the near future. As such, it expressed a deep concern that present standards, regulations, and enforcement resources are inadequate to protect radio services, including amateur radio, from harmful interference. (WIA News) **

RESCUE RADIO: FALSE FEMA ALERT MESSAGE ON ATT U-VERSE ON OCT 24 AT&T has confirmed that it accidentally relayed an incorrect emergency alert message from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to its U-verse customers in parts of Georgia, Texas, Tennessee, Michigan and Mississippi. The alert messages began popping up on screens around 10 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time on October 24th. Red banners appeared the television screens of viewers in the affected areas alerting them to stand by for an important message. Soon after the incident FEMA spokesperson Rafael Lemaitre stated that there had been an inappropriate playing of the national emergency alert notification tones on a syndicated radio broadcast. He went on to state that there is not a national emergency but that the broadcast triggered alert notification in states where it had been played. Lemaitre said his agency was working with the FCC to quantify the scale of the incident. (TechTimes) **

RADIO LAW: ANOTHER DELAY IN BROADCAST SPECTRUM AUCTION The Federal Communications Commission has once again postponed an auction that would allow television broadcasters to sell a portion of their spectrum to wireless carriers. This, due to ongoing legal issues surrounding the auction. Earlier this summer, the National Association of Broadcasters petitioned the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit to review some aspects of the auction. They stated that they are concerned about the potential impact that such an auction could have on TV stations. Gary Epstein is the Chair of the FCC's Incentive Auction Task Force. In a recent blog post Epstein stated the FCC is confident they will prevail in court. That said, and given the reality of that schedule, the complexity of implementation and many other aspects of the auction, the agency now anticipates accepting applications in the fall of 2015 with an auction start to take place in early 2016. This is the second time the auction has been pushed back. It was originally expected to get under way this year before being delayed until mid 2015. More is on the web at tinyurl.com/spectrum-auction-delay (TechSpot.com) **

W9L CELEBRATING VETERANS DAY NOVEMBER 11 Members of The American Legion Amateur Radio Club will operate station W9L on November 11th which is Veterans Day 2014. W9L will be on the air from 1400 to 2100 UTC from the clubs national headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. The High Frequency operation will take place on 14.275 MHz. There will also be local participation on 146.46 MHz simplex, the Hamilton County 145.17 MHz repeater and an interconnection via IRLP node 4816. Hams who make contact with W9L or shortwave listeners who hear the station are eligible to receive a full color commemorative certificate. More about this operation including QSL routing is at www.legion.org/hamradio (KJ9M) **

 HAM HAPPENINGS: KC9HYY/WSL3 COMMEMORATES SINKING OF HMHS BRITANNIC Special event station KC9HYY stroke WSL3 which will operational in remembrance of the 98th anniversary of the sinking of the HMHS Britannic. The Britannic was the third and largest Olympic-class ocean liners of the White Star Line. She was launched just before the start of the World War One and soon converted to use as a hospital ship. On the morning of November 21st 1916, the Britannic was shaken by an explosion from an underwater mine in the Kea Channel and sank 55 minutes later. There were 1,066 people on board of which 1,036 survived. Now, in remembrance of this event, callsign KC9HYY stroke WSL3 will be taking to the ham radio bands from November 21st to the 24th operating 40 through 10 meters using SSB and some of the digital modes. More information including QSL routing is on QRZ.com under the callsign listing for KC9HYY. (KC9HYY) **

HAM HAPPENINGS: CELEBRATION MARCONI EXPERIMENTS FROM YACHT ELETTRA Also keep an ear open for special event station IY1IEY to be on the air between November 1st and December 31st to commemorate the experiments conducted by Gugliemo Marconi from his yacht Elettra between 1919 and 1936. Operations will be on all of the High Frequency bands including 30, 17 and 12 meters. QSL IK1QBT direct. (OPDX) **

HAM HAPPENINGS: REGISTRATION FOR ILLW 2015 GROWING Its not even 2015 yet, but registrations for next August's International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend already stand at 75 with nearly half being from Australia. Others already on the list represent Argentina, Canada, England, Finland, Germany, Malaysia, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, and the United States. It's never too early to register a lighthouse or lightship to take part in this very popular yearly event. Simply take your web browser to illw dot net and follow the simple instructions on the page. And less we forget, the dates of the next International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend is August 15th and 16th of 2015. (VK3PC)

WEEKDAY EDITION: AirSpy taking pre-orders for their $199 SDR receiver. Airspy is an advanced software defined radio receiver capable of sampling 10MHz of spectrum anywhere between 24MHz and 1.7GHz – and even beyond with extensions. It all started when we needed a good performing receiver that’s still affordable but could not find a good solution in the market, so we designed ours. We believe that as of today, Airspy is the only serious wide band receiver solution that’s high performance and yet affordable.

Some specs:
  • Continuous 24 – 1750 MHz RX range with no gaps
  • 3.5 dB NF between 42 and 1002 MHz
  • Tracking RF filters
  • 35dBm IIP3 RF front end
  • 12bit ADC @ 20 MSPS (80dB Dynamic Range, 64dB SNR, 10.4 ENOB) – Yeah, size does matter.
  • Up to 80 MSPS for custom applications
  • Cortex M4F @ up to 204MHz with Multi Core support (dual M0)
  • 1.5 ppm high precision, low phase noise clock
  • 1 RTC clock (for packet time-stamping)
  • External clock input (10 MHz to 100 MHz via MCX connector) – Ideal for phase coherent radios
  • 10 MHz panoramic spectrum view with 9MHz alias/image free
  • IQ or Real, 16bit fixed or 32bit float output streams
  • No IQ imbalance, DC offset or 1/F noise at the center of the spectrum that plagues all the other SDRs
  • Extension ports: 16 x SGPIO
  • 1 x RF Input (SMA)
  • 1 x RF Output (Loopthrough, U-FL)
  • 2 x High Speed ADC inputs (up to 80 MSPS, U-FL)
  • 4.5v software switched Bias-Tee to power LNA’s and up/down-converters


From what I’ve read, the big advantage of this over a standard RTL-SDR dongle is much less noise. I haven’t used one, but if it really lives up to their claims the $199 price point is actually pretty reasonable.

http://www.airspy.com / $199

Reports are emerging that chip-maker FTDI has declared war on chip counterfeiters with a driver update that bricks USB devices recognized as fakes. Hackaday reports that the issue has been noticed in various forums – EEVBlog and Arduino among them – and pins the issue down to drivers setting the USB product ID to 0 if a USB device contains a fake FTDI FT232 USB-to-serial bridge in it.
The driver was delivered as part of recent Windows updates, but once the product ID is zeroed, Windows, Linux and OS X will all  fail to recognise the chip, Hackaday says. That report also points to this analysis of the manufacturer of the fakes at Russian blog Zeptobars. The engineer there conducted a tear-down right down to examining device layouts at the microscopic level, concluding that a probably-Chinese manufacturer is using a mask-programmable microcontroller to imitate the behaviour of the genuine FTDI device.
Last year FTDI weighed into the argument over USB in the open source world, when the USB Implementers Forum stated that even minor open source work with USB devices needed the $US5,000 to buy a vendor ID and allocate PIDs. FTDI said it would share its VID and PID with customers doing small or prototype product runs.
FTDI's config tool, here, will reprogram a target back to the correct PID, but the device will never be usable with Windows again

New England Hams you might run across on 3864 or 3910.........

K1TP- Jon....Editor of As The World Turns....
W1STS- Scott...philosopher, hat
NIEDU- Dave.... ex-Asst. manager at HRO's Salem store and for some unknown reason rides his cycle year round..
KB1JXU- Matthew...75 meter regular...our token liberal Democrat out of VT

KA1BXB-Don....75 meter Regular......residing on the Cape of Cod, flying planes and playing radio
KMIG-Rick....75 Meter Regular....teaches the future of mankind, it's scary!
W1PNR-Mack....75 meter Regular...wealth of ham knowledge....
W1GWU-Bob....one of the Hosstrader's original organizers, 75 meter regular, Tech Wizard!!!
W1TCS- Terry....75 meter regular, wealth of electronic knowledge...
K1PV- Roger....75 meter regular, easy going guy...
K1PEK-Steve..Founder of Davis-RF....my best friend from high school 

K9AEN-John...Easy going ham found at all the hamfests
WB1DVD- Gil....Gilly..Gilmore.....easy going, computer parts selling, New England Ham..

W1OKQ- Jack....3936 Wheeling and Dealing......keeping the boys on there toes....
K1JEK-Joe.........Easy going, can be found at every ham flea market in New England ...Cobra Antenna builder..
K1BXI- John.........Dr. Linux....fine amateur radio op ....wealth of experience...
KA1GJU- Kriss- Tower climbing pilot who cooks on the side at Hosstrader's...
KB1CJG-"Cobby"- Low key gent can be found on many of the 75 meter nets.........
N1XW.....Mike- claims to have been abducted by aliens......Temper!
W1XER...Scott....easy going guy
K1BQT.....Rick....very talented ham, loves his politics, has designed gear for MFJ...
W1KQ- Jim-  Retired
Air Force Controller...told quite a few pilots where to go!
N1OOL-Jeff- The 3936 master plumber and ragchewer...
K1BRS-Bruce- Computer Tech of 3936...multi talented kidney stone passing ham...
WB1AAZ- Mike, Antrim, NH, auto parts truck driver-retired
K1BGH- Arthur, Cape Cod, construction company/ice cream shop, hard working man....
W1VAK- Ed, Cape Cod, lots of experience in all areas, once was a Jacques Cousteus body guard....
KD1ZY- Warren....3910 regular
N1IOM- Paul.....3910 test king....testing......
N1YSU- Bob,  easy going, kind of like Mr. Rogers until politics are brought up then watch out...
K1BNH- Bill- Used to work for a bottled gas company-we think he has been around nitrous oxide to long .
Silent Key WIPNR- Mack....DXCC Master, worked them all!.. 3864 regular for many years...
Silent Key WILIM
- Hu....SK at 92... 3864 regular for many years...
Silent Key N1SIE- Dave....Loves to fly
Silent Key:
N1WBD- Big Bob- Tallest ham, at 6'10", of the 3864 group and owner of Peanut (silent key)- mascot....
Silent Key: W1FSK-Steve....Navy Pilot, HRO Salesman, has owned every radio ever built!
Silent Key: W4NTI-Vietnam Dan....far from easy going cw and ssb op on 14275/313
Silent Key:K1FUB-Bill- Loved ham radio........Ham Radio Ambassador!
Silent Key: K1GAR- John- Very colorful character!......claims to an appointed "hambassador" by Gordon West.....
Silent Key: N1GXW-Frank-Mellow Mainer..........
Silent Key:W1JSH-Mort- Nice fellow to talk to on 3936 on the early afternoon session

Silent Key: K4WHO-Kerry-Mellow ham, professional musician, one of the nice guys on 20 meters..........